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The agrel GmbH is a young and innovative company. The focus of agrel lies in the agriculture.

The claims of the population on agriculture as a producer of healthy and safe foods are motivation for our company.

agrel looking for concepts to support agricultural producers  to be able to offer their products to the consumer with a good feeling and a good conscience.

As a development lab we see  infinite possibilities in nature to copy functional processes. This requires intensive zootechnical, botanical, ecological and historical observations. In many cases, the measures used in the health maintenance of the animals move through functional feed additives, plant-based feed enforce tolerated, improved farming techniques, to technological innovations.

The plant products is a main area of our research and work. With nature and not against it.

Cooperation with partners and institutes all over the world and the global use of the internet, can access a tremendous amount of scientific knowledge that we bring to our customers for practical application.

We also use  developments and offers from other manufacturers to meet the specially task.
agrel connects researchers with practitioners, so it´s an importent tool to be close to our customers.




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